The Oklahoma Center for Education Policy has a mission that integrates the resources of University of Oklahoma with various community needs, especially those associated with education and poverty. 
1.      Work with local schools, especially those that serve children from poverty, to improve the life chances of children.
·         PDLA Training of new principals in use of school health data
·         Professional development of TPS principals related to school health reports
·         Collaborative capacity teams involving OCEP staff and TPS schools that have requested assistance
2.      Expand the focus of school leaders using data to include not only indicators of academic performance, but also indicators of the school’s climate and its capacity to meet the psychological needs of children.
3.      Make school leader preparation more relevant to the conditions contemporary school leaders face.
·         Development of M.Ed. courses that are based on actual school data
·         Doctoral dissertations are used to improve local schools; evaluation reports and comprehensive analyses of local schools and districts.
·         Doctoral coursework is rooted in the actual challenges facing local schools.
4.      Prepare policy analysts who can inform Oklahoma educators, officials, and legislators.
·         OCEP collaborates with OSU examine ways to improve A-F system at the request of CCSSO and OSBA.
·         Ph.D. students learn by doing research; planning data collection; doing data collection, processing, and analysis; fashioning reports.
5.      Influence the national discussion on education reform based on this work through the development of presentations, articles, and books.


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